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  4. Ocytocine
  5. French Toast
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Hi there! Here you can some selected projects I worked on, but feel free to reach out if you want to see my portfolio for a specific project. 


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1. Jiudi World

Branding, Lettering2023Jiudi is a line of hair products founded by Anne Kwon. Anne developed a series of small batch, 100% cruelty-free & vegan, semi-permanent hair colours in a range of pastels & soft neons.
Jiudi is the feeling of finding identity and declaring it across all realms with no reservations. Inspired by her colorful & mixed universe, we designed a unique lettering logo and participated to the packaging exploration.

Art direction & Design: Marie Ducrocq & Ellyson Gasparetto (DDS), Anne Kwon
Lettering: Marie Ducrocq
Graphic design: Anne Kwon
Photography: Joséphine Le & Anali Wong
Lighting: Judy Gu
Hair color/styling: Stephanie George
Stylist: Angie
Models: Rue Yi, Tiana smith & Angie
Mua: Anne Kwon